Seriously, Make Your Damn Bed

You’ve heard it before, but did you actually make your bed this morning? I know you’ve got shit to do. Your kids are already calling for you. You barely have enough time to shower before work. You might take a nap later, so what’s the point? The point is, by making your bed, you are laying your foundation for the rest of your day. You are saying to your home and to yourself that the small moments in your day matter. Little bits of effort like this string together to help you stay afloat when the day gets crazy.

Okay fine, I’ll make the damn bed but first I need to brush my teeth and get the coffee started. Hell no! You know if you delay, it is not going to happen and if it does, some of that magic will be lost. When you roll out of bed, the first thing you need to do is make that damn bed. Doesn’t even have to be perfect, but make it satisfying to look at. I promise, every time you walk by your room, your heartbeat will quicken just a tad. Okay, maybe that’s just me but at least when it’s time for bed, you won’t be searching for your top sheet with your toes.

Let me add that it took me many failed attempts before this routine became my new normal. I still break my own rule on occasion (looking at you weekends) and that is why I know this is such an important routine. My day just never feels quite right when the comforter is left in a heap. I start cutting corners here and there and I never feel like I have my shit together. Once the bed is made, I can take a deep breath and know that I am on the right track.

That said, somedays you need to just say fuck it and have one of those braless, messy, never leave the house, let the kids watch way too many hours of tv kinds of days. I get it and I am a big fan of sprinkling those days in there when necessary.

Happiness is not wrapped up in you curing cancer (okay it is, please go do that right away), it is in the details. The in between. The moments you think aren’t that important so you drift past them.  These details make up your routines that are what you rely on for comfort when life decides to punch you in the face. When you find joy in the in between, you take control of your life in a very basic but fulfilling way. So fluff those pillows, smooth those wrinkles, and you might just find that you stand a little bit taller today.

9 thoughts on “Seriously, Make Your Damn Bed

  1. Joe says:

    this is exactly how my fiancee feels. when i first moved in we had a small argument / discussion about it when she pointed out it doesn’t need to be perfect. just throw the sheets so the look somewhat in place


    • Abigail Junge says:

      Joe, my husband and I had this same discussion today! I think he just doesn’t have the same negative reaction to seeing it messy like I do, so it is hard for him to even think of it (plus it’s never been a part of his daily habit since I am usually still asleep when he goes to work). I love that you guys found some common ground to agree on.


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