Make a Change, Part III: Make Room for Change

You’ve written your sucky life list and your kick ass life list and you’re revved up for how to set this plan into motion. In order to change your life, you need to clear some space in your schedule. Being busy all the time is killing your ability to try something new, which means you are stuck doing the same old same old and your life is passing you by. Decluttering your to do list, social calendar and unfavorable habits will make room to accomplish the things on your kick ass life list. Decluttering is not about restricting yourself. It is about releasing the time sucking activities and allowing you to envision the life you want.

I am not someone that likes to restrain myself, but when I decided to cut back on a couple of things that were adversely affecting my life (chocolate and TV to be more specific), a sea of opportunities flooded my way. I found myself doing new things that I hadn’t even realized I wanted to do. I began blogging, listening to podcasts, running, going on adventures with my family, enjoying the outdoors more, and began cooking new meals for my family. Before, I was mindlessly watching TV every evening while snacking continuously until I went to bed.  My dessert obsession was a huge distraction throughout my days and it was getting in the way of me doing the things I actually wanted to do. Breaking those habits that were hardwired into my life was liberating. After that, I decided to write these lists in the hopes that I could continue down this path of enriching my life with new experiences.

This process of reducing the things that are taking up your time is uncomfortable. If you decide to cancel cable like I did (and intentionally watch less Netflix/HBO), you might find yourself at a loss of what to do with yourself. You’re not used to having free time and it feels uneasy and possibly distressing. Don’t shy away from this! Embrace this time and see what happens. It is amazing how the ideas start to trickle in. Maybe ideas that you wrote down on your list, maybe something completely different. Be patient and see what happens. Find a way to carve out a couple of hours at night or maybe even a whole weekend if you can. Then allow yourself to fill that time with something different. Start to create the life you had imagined but didn’t have the time or energy for. The results will surly be life changing.

5 thoughts on “Make a Change, Part III: Make Room for Change

  1. pamelacookcole says:

    To go from decluttering your living space to decluttering your mind may not be an obvious jump. But this is what happens and you give inspiring and practical examples.


  2. brookepitcairn says:

    I adore this. Just like making quiet time for our kids, quiet time for ourselves where we are unplugged and bored is exactly when we get creative and ambitious! If I don’t turn on the TV during the day/evening I find that I get so much more done and feel more settled. Thanks for this blog! I’m in love!


    • Abigail Junge says:

      Yes! It amazes me that it took me this long to figure out this life hack. The real challenge now is implementing the idea into my daily life. I gotta say, I am finally used to not turning the TV on at night and it has been wonderful. Thanks for reading Brooke!


  3. Kelleen butler says:

    I love the idea of your three part process. I’m going to start today by making my lists over breakfast with the hubby. As a side note, I’m curious about what podcasts you like to listen to? I’ve just taken up that hobby as a way to get my kitchen clean while I work and listen. Looking for new podcasts and I bet you’ve got great ideas! Thanks again fo writing such an inspiring and easy to read blog! I’m eager for more posts!


    • Abigail Junge says:

      It makes me so happy to hear that you love this three part post and that you are going to to start your lists! I love going back and reviewing my list on occasion and seeing that I’ve unconsciously made some of these changes without much effort. Others have taken a TON of effort. It just feels so good to take charge of life by at least acknowledging what I want. On to podcasts! I’m not sure what kind you are interested in so I will suggest a variety: The Moth (people tell their stories on a stage with no notes), Cohesive Home Podcast (Kate and Melissa focus on realistic minimalism and talk about a variety of things, I simply enjoy hearing them talk and obviously the subject interests me big time), The Longest Shortest Time (Hillary interviews people about all subjects related to parenting) and S-Town (from the creators of serial and this american life, a great story about a shit town in the south and the people in it). Hope you like some of those! Let me know if you have any favorites too as I am always on the lookout for more.


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