Maximize Your Passions, Minimize the Rest

Take a look around your home and see if your passions are obvious. Do you have balls of yarn and sewing projects, strewn around your home? Multiple bookshelves packed tight with books of your favorite subjects? Closets full of shoes for every occasion? A ridiculous amount of pens ands journals that make your heart flutter when you look at them? Cupboards full of baking accessories? Piles of comic books on your nightstand?

We all have belongings that bring us oodles of happiness, but they often don’t shine as brightly because they are surrounded by mountains of crap. Decluttering is the best way to recharge those items with the joy they once brought you.

Sometimes we hold onto hobby related items because we think we might want to pursue those projects in the future or because we feel guilty getting rid of something we spent good money on. Every time I saw my poor bag of knitting needles and half finished scarves, I felt shitty. Like I had failed and that I needed to give knitting another shot. I am finally realizing that that is bull shit. The reason I retired those needles over and over again is simply because I don’t like knitting! I didn’t want to admit that to myself because I love the idea of being a knitter, the only problem is I don’t like to knit. I absolutely hate pulling out all of my progress to fix a previous mistake. I always mess up when trying to count my rows because I have the attention span of a goldfish. Knitting doesn’t make me happy and that is perfectly fine!

Photography on the other hand, I love the shit out of photography. I frame my photos and display them on picture ledges. I print them and make projects out of them. I design photo books and look through them when the mood strikes me. I post my photos on social media and then turn those posts into Chatbooks that my family and I occasionally read as bedtime stories (narcissistic much?). I use them to create personalized Christmas gifts. I get so much joy out of editing them in the evenings while sipping on a glass of wine and watching a show. Oh sweet bliss, how I love photography!

There was a time though, that I didn’t take full advantage of my photos like I do now. If I felt inspired and attempted to make a project or decided to print my favorites, I got discouraged by the sheer mass of photos I had collected. Boxes of old photos tucked away in storage were filled with duplicates, too many photos of ex boyfriends, and embarrassing ‘artsy’ photos from my high school days. Even worse was the digital mess. I had dozens of CDs worth of photos from my first point and shoot camera and literally thousands of unedited photos filling multiple hard drives as well as my computer. I would get so overwhelmed that the inspiration would fizzle out and the projects never came to fruition.

After taking the time (and it took a hell of a lot of time) to declutter and organize my photos, I am now able to access them quickly and easily. Yes, I still have thousands of photos and that is perfectly okay. That is wonderful! It isn’t about the number of items you keep relating to your hobby. It is about keeping only the ones you love and getting rid of the rest.


Discard the hobbies that don’t hold your interest anymore.

Pinpoint which items in your home you are passionate about and edit them down to only the things that truly make you happy.

Find an organizational system that makes your things accessible and looks beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Maximize Your Passions, Minimize the Rest

  1. brookepitcairn says:

    Oh sweet Bliss how I love you Abby! I do love knitting and crocheting. However I only know how to make one pattern in each and I really want to learn how to make more. And I think I’m going to love journaling! Pens markers lists!!!!! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!


  2. Abigail Junge says:

    This comment made me smile big time Brooke! So glad we speak the same minimalism/simplifying language. Crap, you are making me want to be a knitter again! Haha. I will add it to the list of things I want to do later in life I guess. All the women in my family are fantastic knitters which is awesome bc I get the gorgeous stuff without having to master the skill, ha. Have you heard of Ravelry? Yes, the journaling has been a consistent joy for me since I started in August. You gotta jump on board! Thanks for reading and commenting Brooke 🙂


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